About Lilly

IMG_8298My name is Lillian Henny and I am excited that you have visited my personal style blog.

My style is known for layering and mixing prints but most of all – Thrifting. I love to marry thrift store gems with classic pieces so they effortlessly merge for a polished feel. My art of thrifting for clothes allows me to keep their vintage element and bring them to life with many of my favorite designers, department stores, and shopping sites. My style also incorporates a take on business and professional wear that is structured, polished, and fearless.

In my humble opinion, “Overdressed” can be a concept that means a woman has a presence regardless of who is in the room and regardless of where she is. She knows who she is on the inside and pushes that persona regardless of what everyone else is “expected to wear”. I believe a woman can change the entire dynamic of the room simply with the clothes she has chosen. I find true excitement in bold expressions such as sequins, textures, strong shoulders, and vintage beading but too many times has my excitement been dampened by the comment ” she’s so overdressed”. So today is the day I stand up for all the girls who have tried to water down their personal style to avoid the “she’s so overdressed” ridicule. I am embracing that my personal style choices are effortlessly grandiose and ambitious. I am excited about this blog because it is a chance for me to captivate my personal look right, wrong, or overdressed. It’s me.

Currently, my physical body is in Houston, TX, my heart is in Dallas, TX and my spirit is in Louisiana. I am a practicing family law attorney with a great support system of friends and family.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with me.


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