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By November 16, 2014 FASHION HOUSTON


As we countdown with excitement for Fashion Houston 2014, I was excited to interview Angel Woosley about FH5. Before you read make sure you purchase your ticket at http://fashionhouston.net/

@MsSooverdressed : What is the difference between Fashion Houston and Houston Fashion Week it seems people mix up the names?

@AngelWoosley: Fashion Houston is separate from Houston Fashion Week that’s held in October. Fashion Houston is the premier fashion week in Houston and this year it’s in its 5th Season. Fashion Houston is from November 18th – November 21st at Wortham Theater center and features local designers, emerging designers, and internationally acclaimed designers. Fashion Houston was founded in 2010 by visionary, entrepreneur and philanthropist Jared Lang

@MsSooverdressed: Who are the designers for 2014 Fashion Houston?

@AngelWoosley: Amir Taghi, Bibhu Mohapatra, Chloe Dao, David Peck, Fabrice Tardieu, Grungy Gentleman, Jio’Zey Reys, Jonathan Blake, Little Black Dress Designer, M.C.L. x Matthew Campbelle Laurenza, Naeem Khan, Rami Salamoun, Rebecca Minkoff, Rene Ruiz, Rolando Santana, Rubin Singer, Sameera Faridi, Tibi, & Valenta Kova.


@MsSooverdressed: Something amazing and unique about this year are the Menswear Designers. Tell us about that

@AngelWoosley: We are excited to bring in fashion for men. In past years menswear was very classic and conservative; however, this year the menswear is more high fashion and showcases European cuts. We are also seeing looks that are more urban such as Fabrice Tardieu which will be hitting the runway Friday Nov 21st. I am personally excited to see more of the euro slim and current styles of Grungy Gentlemen. I am looking forward to seeing leathers, patterns and slim style clothes. The gentleman on the runway will also feature rugby looks, fitted blazers, urban outerwear and suits. Fashion Houston is stepping up to make the runway constantly evolve and transcend forward rather every year.


@MsSooverdressed: What else makes this 5th year of Fashion Houston special ?

@AngelWoosley: The Demographic make up of the designers and models is extremely diverse similar to our great city. Fashion Houston is open to the public and this year we see so many different networks being reached. Each night the emcee represents a sector of Houston entertainment and this is how we are embracing local business and media. We also have a Multicultural line up of performers and entertainers

@MsSooverdressed :Tell us about the performers this year.

@AngelWoosley: Manuel Noe and Crashing Colors . If you were at Row Call at the JW Marriott this year you know that the entertainment will have people dancing in their Jimmy Choo’s all night . Not to mention the after parties. Everyone should anticipate a spectacular time each night.

@MsSooverdressed: All of the FH5 Sponsors bring a great energy to the events. Why should the sponsors be excited about FH5?

@AngelWoosley: Sponsors know that they will actually have a blast at our events. We do things for the sponsors to include them and connect them to the industry. I love to see our sponsors grow and return year after year. We make sure that we share contacts and show our sponsors that they can grow with Fashion Houston. Some of our sponsors include:

Audi, Houston Audi Dealers, The Art Institute of Houston, Houston First, JW Marriott Houston Downtown, Neal Hamil Agency, Neiman Marcus, Elizabeth Anthony, Sloan Hall, Tootsies, CultureMap, Houston Magazine, Luxcior Magazine, Houston Designed, Bayou City Magazine, TVJhonny, LIQSshots


@MsSooverdressed: I have seen the Art Institute of Houston very active in promoting Fashion Houston 2014 on social media, Tell us More

@AngelWoosley: The Art Institute of Houston has given so much to Fashion Houston and the team of organizers. The Art Institute of Houston has been amazing to work with. The students bring amazing talent and truly incorporate fresh designs. The Art Institute of Houston is forward thinking and they go the extra mile to support Fashion Houston in any way. Fashion Houston is very excited to have for the first time Art Institute students showing as emerging designers .

@MsSooverdressed: What’s in the future for Fashion Houston?

@AngelWoosley We are in the talks about having Fashion Houston twice a year like any other major fashion event around the world.

@MsSooverdressed What is your response when a person insinuates that Houston as a city is not as fashion forward as the major cities?

I believe this comment is ignorant. Houston has a thriving economy with talented and well traveled people. I have met so may people in Houston who value fashion and designers. Houston has designers that are respected all across the country . Houston residents have a larger amount of disposable income than most major cities. These designers represent Houston well and show the world fresh and timeless designs. Houston may have some differences from NYFW but thats ok. We have our own character and our won personality and Fashion Houston is a great representative of that.

@MsSooverdressed : Jared Lang trust you with so much when it comes to Fashion Houston, what is your role?.

@AngelWoosley :I am the Front House Director of Fashion Houston. To me this means that I will do everything. Long nights, early mornings, meeting meetings meetings. I try to leave nothing undone. I am a liaison to sponsors and supporters. I coordinate the interns and I am always there to promote our events to give them publicity and voice I want to make people feel comfortable and loved as well as try to remain supportive. I love the people I have met over the years.


@shessooverdressed : What menswear looks are you in love with for the Fall/Winter 2014?

@Angelwoosley : Right now I am loving sneakers with suits. I learned to love this fusion and although it took a while, this year it is my go to look. I am loving wine color looks, leather and even some mix of pleather. I think it can be masculine and modern.

@shessooverdressed What are you loving women to wear for the Fall/Winter 2014

Great textures, covered top area with less skin like High turtle necks. With that I like when women can wear a sexier or risqué bottom. I love Heavy necklaces and Amazing heels. I hate flats.
@shessooverdressed lol!!!

@shessooverdressed Final Thoughts?

@angelwoosley : Fashion Houston is helping people be open- minded to great quality designers that are world renowned and growing. Fashion Houston is exposing the world to what we have to offer and I am proud to be apart of that mission.



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